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The Way Within

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Online Services

Healing & Trainning

Meditate at the beach


To Help you in you day-to-day chalanges

Single Meditation - 12€ (each Meditation)

  • Start Meditation

  • Tune Out Meditation

  • Protection Meditation

Meditation Packs - 49€ (3Meditations)

  • Divine Self

Divine Femine Meditation

Divine Masculine Meditation

Higher-Self Vision

  • Detox - Emotions & Energy

Eart-Sun Grounding Meditation​

Golden Rope Meditation

Activation of the Gene of Love Meditation

Ask more information & Buy it !

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Shamanic Trainning

2-3 Years Trainning

This training was created to help you access, train and share the magic and power of shamanism.

From experiencing self-healing to learning practices that can help others.

Come learn about ancestral healing and how to share this medicine.

Join us in the shamanic path!

Annual Program:
12 online classes

12 online practices

E-Books + Community

> Annual Presential Retreat <

Ask for more information about the content and inscriptions.

(We start every February and every September)

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Workshop & Ceremony

The Best Way to Start

Workshops - 200€

3H Online Workshop + E-book

  • Power Animal

  • Spiritual Team

  • Spiritual Protection

  • Moon Magic

Ceremonies - 150€

2H Online Guidance, Energetic support & Channeling

  • Liberation Ritual

  • Gratitude Ceremony

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Water Cemerony

  • Moon Ceremony

  • BirthDay Ceremony

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Amazon Shamanic Healing

1H Energy Healing & Energy Cleansing


Energy & Spiritual cleaning * Alignment of the chakras *

* Grownding Mental - emotional - physical clarity * Energy Protection * Soul Rescue *

* Breaking of negative patterns * Contact with Spiritual and Ancestrals  *

* Power Animal Rescue * Spiritual Vision * Akastic Registers * Past Lifes *

Reduction and discipline of psychosomatic symptoms (anxiety, stress, phobias)

Includes - 1st VideoCall + 1H Energy Healing + 1H Feedback Call - 120€  > follow-up 80€

Ask more information & Book it !


Sofia's healings have been life changing experiences for me, only in a positive way. While having a treatment I have different sensations depending of the treatment, I've been feeling the energies moving in my body and this is beautiful sensation. I always felt 100% safe and trust towards her. During the treatment I often felt little tingling sensations around my body, especially hands and feet. I could feel the energy moving and sometimes more strong ''pressure'' in different parts of my body. I got flashes of memories or people, animals and symbols, but mostly I saw different colors moving in different speeds, often circular movement. In some point I often fell into this sleep but not sleep type of state, very calm and peaceful. After treatment I've always had strong sensations for few days, but she has always been there whatever I had and taking the time to have a call to reflect on what was going on during the treatment. I changed as a person and found keys to work on myself, thanks to her.

How can I HELP YOU

My main objective is to help people get in touch with their power and autonomy, whether mental, energetic, about relationships or personal development.
Humanity goes through unique times, there is a lot of talk about the great Awakening of the soul; But what does it really mean?
It means that each of us has to seek coherence with our soul and heart. Life rarely allows such a thing.
So here I am!
To remind you that the best is yet to come; That forever there will be more love to live. That this is the way back home, where you will find who you really are.

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Begur, Spain


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